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w3hub.gg Welcome to the vanilla SMP.
There have been a couple changes made to the server for a more customisable and harder experience.
The big changes that have been made are...

Ranking up and mob levels
When you begin, you will start off with a beginner rank and can rank up by getting experience points in the game.
Higher ranks give you more commands to use in the SMP like /hat. To check your rank and progress to the next rank, do /rankinfo. To rankup, do /rankup.
Aggressive mobs will now rank up with you, and their current health and level is displayed on them.
High levelled mobs deal more damage, have increased HP, and other increased effects like speed/knockback but now have a chance to have increased drops based on the level.

Grief prevention
In order to keep your loot and base safe, you can now claim a portion of land which can only be edited by you unless you give permission.
To claim land, obtain a gold shovel and right click one corner of the land, then go to the opposite corner and right click the other corner.
To delete your claim, do /abandonclaim while standing in the claim. To allow other players to access items and build in your claim, do /accesstrust .

Inventory and Chest sorting
So you do not lose your mind searching for that 1 item, you can now sort your inventory and chests via /chestsort.
You can set if you want to sort your inventory/chests automatically or on a key press.
I would recommend enabling empty and fill chest so you can quickly dump items into chests without leaving a mess.

Server Realms

Description Server name World name Gamemode <?>
Nexus / The Hub /server nexus /mvtp nexus players:survival
Survival-Earth /server survival-earth /mvtp survival-earth players:survival
----- ----- /mvtp survival-earth_nether players:survival
----- ----- /mvtp survival-earth_the_end players:survival
Survival /server survival /mvtp survival players:survival
----- ----- /mvtp survival_nether players:survival
----- ----- /mvtp survival_the_end players:survival
Survival2 (No end) /server survival2 /mvtp survival2 players:survival
----- ----- /mvtp survival2_nether players:survival
Creative /server creative /mvtp creative players:creative
Creative-Flat /server creative-flat /mvtp creative-flat players:creative
Area51 / Test Server /server area51 /mvtp PartyGames players:creative
/mvtp zombies players:survival

Permission Groups

Ranks Mob Lvls (Difficulty) Permissions Groups*
Beginner (default rank) Lvls:1-5 (Easy) Permssion group: 0
Adventurer ----- Permssion group: 1
Tirones ----- -----
Footman ----- -----
Voivode Lvls:5-10 (Moderate) Permssion group: 2
Tyrant ----- -----
Overseer ----- -----
Palatine ----- -----
Priest ----- -----
High Priest Lvls:10-20 (Moderate) Permssion group: 3
Bishop ----- -----
Arch Bishop ----- -----
Cardinal ----- -----
Templar ----- -----
Noble Lvls:20-40 (Hard) Permssion group: 4
Knight ----- -----
Baron ----- -----
Viscount ----- -----
Count ----- -----
Earl Lvls:40-60 (Hard) Permssion group: 5
Marquess ----- -----
Lord ----- -----
Duke ----- -----
Arch Duke ----- -----
Prince Lvls:60-80 (Very Hard) Permssion group: 6
Queen ----- -----
King ----- -----
Pope ----- -----
Monarch ----- -----
Emperor Lvls:80-100 (Rip) Permssion group: 7

Player Commands

Permission Groups Commands / Privileges Descriptions
Permssion group: 0 /help Shows all available commands
----- /minimap Adds a minimap function
----- /trapped Gets you untrapped if you are stuck
----- /claim Create a area for you and those you trust to build on
----- /discord link Used for the Minecraft server and Discord integration
----- /friend View info about the friend system
----- /party View info about the party system
----- /rankup Used to rankup if requirements are met
----- /warps A simple GUI to move between servers
----- /stats Shows basic player stats for yourself in-game
----- /sit Make your character sit at your current position
Permssion group: 1 /back Go back to previous position if you were warped or teleported
----- **Elevators Allow the creation of elevators with signs
----- /report Report a player breaking rules (5 minute replay will be created)
Permssion group: 2 **Unlimited redstone No limit on redstone / redstone devices
----- /hat Wear a hat in the form of the current item you are holding
----- /head Create a placeable item in the form of your head
Permssion group: 3 ----- -----
Permssion group: 4 ----- -----
Permssion group: 5 ----- -----
Permssion group: 6 ----- -----
Permssion group: 7 ----- -----
----- ----- -----
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